"I won a bronze medal at 2000 Sydney Olympics- team 3day. Thought you might like to know. love your girths!!! I have used the girths on everything from long back, high withered (big shoulders) TB's, 17.2 HH Cleveland bay cross, and a very round short coupled warmblood. They all are more comfortable in the shoulder relief girth."

Linden Wiesman Ryan - Middleburg, VA

"I recently received my western shoulder relief  cinch and am completely satisfied with it.  I own a Tennessee Walking Horse mare and have had issues in the past with girth galls.
I tried cinches with cutouts. balding girths and even mohair cinches and still had problems with rubs.  The mohair was the best option but this cinch is better. I've had a number of rides on my mare with this cinch and have had zero problems with rubbing. I like the neoprene lining and the padded leather. The quality of this cinch is exceptional and it is well worth the cost."
Anne - Martinsville, NJ
"Loving the shoulder freedom girth, which really helps stabilize the saddle on a very barrel backed (no withers) horse.  She and her close elbows are loving it as well!"
Liz - South Deerfield, MA
"I am Sarah from Sweden and I have tried out your Shoulder Relief Girth for a short period of time on my Arabians and Thoroughbreds.
Arabians are hard fitters… mutton shaped withers and often very short and rounded backs. I was a bit concerned with how the saddle would work on my horses backs if they moved back just a little… But as we tried the girths out we noticed that the saddles on the more part of our horses slided into place better. We plan to switch all the girths under time and I just submitted another order for two dressage girths. As for my Thoroughbred riding horses it is a no brainer, the saddles was visibly less interfering with their movements right away. These are saddles fitted by professional saddle fitters, but still room for improvement…
I am recommending your products to all my fellow horsemen/women and breeders."
Sarah - Sweden
"The half pad has helped a lot and now I will be tweaking it to find the ideal fit before our first show.
Thanks again!"
Ashley - Ozark, AL
"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your girths. I have a couple...gradually replacing what I have, and I recommend them to ALL of my clients.
My stallion, Olivier, whom my daughter, Liz Austin competed internationally for many years, always had a hard time with saddles sliding forward.
I took back the ride on him last year (he is now 19) and immediately bought him one of your girths.  No more saddle problem.
I haven't purchased any saddle pads, yet, but they are next on my list.
Keep up the great work."
"That is really amazing and fabulous. Your company (and products) are outstanding! I have been telling all of my friends and equestrian clients about you. I'm going to check your website again to see if there is anything that you make that my midget horse can use!"
Monica - Austin, TX
"Thank you so much for creating this girth it is such a gift for my very round Arabian solved the sliding forward issue.
I am very happy with my girth, not only does is work, it is well made with quality leather. When I say I love it, I LOVE it.
You can quote me, I have had this girth for several months and the thankfulness has not worn off.  My saddle after a few strides at the trot would be on my horses shoulders, no more due to your design, thank you again."
Terri - Auburn, CA
"While I'm waiting on my THIRD girth to arrive, I had to let you know how much these girths rock my socks! I normally ride a wide variety of project horses that are normally fresh off Craigslist or an auction and retrain them. Most of my tack is mid range quality that works for me and I use half pads and such to help with fit between the horses. None of mine were really having issues, but since I started using these girths, EVERYONE is going so much nicer and the saddle fit is incredible. A month and a half ago I bought my first high dollar "me" horse ever and an accompanying high dollar saddle and WOW! The combination of this girth and that saddle is amazing. I'm using the saddle/girth combo on another 20+ year old mare of mine and she can suddenly use her shoulders and its just wonderful. Thank you so much for a nice girth that helps the horses at a great price. Oh, and everyone loves my TSF hats!"
Elizabeth - Bryan, TX

"Just received my girth in the mail. I was so pleasantly surprised by the high quality. I did not expect it to be made so well and be so soft."

Nongae - Delray Beach, FL

"I received the girth last Friday and have used it a few times already. It works really well! I had a very good girth before, but my mare has older healed rubs and it very easy to rub and your girth has not rubbed or aggravated the old rubs at all! I am really delighted. She seems happy with it as well from a movement standpoint. Just thought you might like some positive feedback."

Toni - Vancouver, British Columbia

"Our horses love them and we love how much freedom they give their shoulders. Everyone is commenting on how beautiful and well-made they are as well. You guys are making an amazing product!"

Hillary - Bellingham, WA

"I bought a dressage girth after reading the review on eventing nation. I have a fat horse and the saddle was sliding forward. Not only is the girth beautiful but it works!!!!! She’s not girthy at all with it, and keeps the saddle in place. I have showed it off to my trainer and all my friends. They are impressed!!! And said it looks like a $300 girth! When I have a little more $$ I will be buying a all purpose one as well. Thank you for the great product and a happy horse."

Kari - Buellton, CA

"Thanks the girth arrived today ! Tried it tonight, my horse and I really like it… it helps my saddle stay in place, my horse likes it and because the saddle has not shifted, it helps my position too!"
Ann - Victoria, BC
"THANK YOU for shipping the girth so fast and I LOVE the cute baseball cap you included!
This girth is by far the NICEST one I've ever had, and I have had anatomic girths by:
**[Insert 6 popular brand names - edited for politeness]**
This one is sooooo SOFT and the leather is wonderful quality. My mare will really appreciate it....so it's a GREAT VALUE for what you are getting :)"
Elaine - Gilroy, CA
"A while back, you helped me with a order issue. I'm sending a pic to show my 'shoulder relief' girth in action. I swear my horse (Denver/Soldier Boy) has developed so much more scope with this girth; the fence is only 2'6"!! Can I just say I LOVE this girth!! I even came back and purchased the Dressage one!!
Thank You Justin and TSF!!"
Angel - Columbia, MD
"I did receive your return phone message. I ordered the AP girth for my husband’s account and also two pairs of leathers (on sale – what a deal). I will tell you that I have never ordered anything from a company that is as efficient and helpful as Total Saddle Fit. It is a ray of sunshine to work with someone so nice and customer oriented. I absolutely love the dressage girth that I ordered and have recommended one to a friend. I plan to order the half pad soon (have to save a little money – Ha!)."
Joan - Keysville, VA
"I have two of your girths  now, one I just received today. I have two horses that your girth works amazing on and I just wanted to know how happy I am. I also ordered your girth I think on Monday and it arrived today. I'm so impressed with your company and just wanted you to know that. Thank you."
Maya - Southern Pines, NC
"A friend of mine kept telling me I should borrow her girth, the shoulder relief girth. I finally did and was skeptical that it would make a big change in my horse, though I thought it would some improvement. After riding in it one time, I was stunned at how much better my mare became! She is a 12 year old Oldenburg dressage mare, showing at 2nd level. She was steady in the bridle, did not swish her tail when I got on her, and was so relaxed and soft. I ordered one after one ride. After riding in it for a week, I showed her and it was such relaxed happy ride. I was so happy that she was happy in her work that I didn't care about scores or where we placed. When I finally looked, we had won our class! I am director of an equine studies university program. I will discuss this with my students in the fall when they return to school. Thank you!!"
Kelly - Franklin Furnace, OH
"Just wanted to thank you for the superb girth! Every important detail was addressed and incorporated, including the perfect fit of the sheepskin cover. My horse loves it and for the first time I got a true extension! 🙂 The girth allows the saddle to stay where it is supposed to be. My saddlefitter,- excellent one, spent hours of meticulously fitting the saddle to my horse. However, my old girth would inevitably pull the saddle into the wrong direction, altering the perfect fit."
Marie-France - Loma Rica, CA

"Happy horse! If my horse is happy, momma is happy!  

Today we used my new dressage saddle pad with the wither free concept and the new dressage girth. For the FIRST time since we started Patterson  back to basic conditioning three weeks ago,we had NO ARGUING, (head tossing, wringing his head in a circle, arching his neck with his poll in my face) - no pulling on the bit.  We can see from the ground and in the saddle that this withers free saddle pad and the shims were the remarkable difference. It is obvious NOW that my horse was in pain using a "regular saddle pad". I was pleasantly surprised how freeing up the scapula made a HUGE difference in the way my Arab carried himself within a minutes of warming up. Freeing up the withers and shimming up for a balanced saddle with good sweat patterns. Thanks for such a great saddle pad!
 Still working on girth falls on one side. Since he already had an open sore from a previous girth, it's too early to tell that the girth prevents further galling. I may need to order your cover for it until my thin skinned Arab can get more tough in that area. 
I have a few short clips of my Arab, Patterson after just getting on and going in circles.  You can see that the head wringing and tossing is not there. If you want me to send these to you let me know!"
Bonnie and Patterson - Bowling Green, KY
"The biggest problem I have had with my horse is keeping her sound for riding between a bad foot/fetlock injury, and the issue with the skin condition on the top of her withers.  I am happy to report that I used the wither-free dressage pad yesterday and it worked extremely well.  Just a little bit of the fleece comes into contact with that area and there is not pressure on it at all.  Even though her skin condition has improved, I was hesitant to ride her with a traditional pad because it put pressure on that area, but the new pad does just what I hoped it would and now I feel comfortable riding her without it causing any possible problems to that area.  Thank you so much!"
Jennifer - Gilbert, AZ
"I tried the saddle pad and girth for the first time yesterday. Because JJ is so sensitive, he didn't understand the new feel of the girth at first. I hand walked him for a while to get used to it. Once he figured it out, I got on and I couldn't believe how different he felt. When I started to trot, he immediately reached down and out to stretch. He's always had a very choppy trot, especially for his long legs, and for the first time, I could feel him try to use his shoulders. It will take some time still, but I can't wait to see how how much he can improve!!!
Thank you so much!"
Denise - Morganville, NJ
"Don’t you just love it when a product works as good or better than advertised??  I just purchased a Shoulder Relief Cinch from Total Saddle Fit.  I bought it for Hisani.  He has a beautiful laid back shoulder but because of that slope to his shoulder some saddles seem to sit too far forward on him.  This causes him to get sore in the withers and that discomfort then radiates down his back and we end up with his whole back uncomfortable.  This cinch is designed to have the center of the girth sit in the natural girth area of the horse and then it curves back as it comes up to the rigging of the saddle.  It holds the saddle back about 2- 2 ½ inches.  I can see already that not only is he comfortable but he moves more freely.  We have spent the last two weeks riding almost every day and working longer than normal.  I literally cannot make his back sore!!  Love this product.  Check it out on Facebook at Total Saddle Fit or go to their web site.  They make both western and English girths/cinches.  This is an awesome product."
Betty - Clarkston, WA
"By the way, I can't believe what a huge difference your dressage girth made for my dressage schoolmaster.  He's 19.  I have had him about 15 months now.  He was very girthy.  With the Shoulder Relief girth, he is much happier.  Not so fussy when I saddle him.. much longer and freer stride.  Much more of a partner.  It is really cool."
Karen - Sandy Ridge, NC

"Hi, I am writing to let you know what I think of your Shoulder Relief Dressage Girth. Now, I am not a fancy Dressage rider, Eventer, or Jumper. But, your Dressage Girth is AWESOME!!! I do ride Dressage, Gaited Dressage, that is, on my 14.3 hand Rocky Mountain Horse! Finn is extremely short backed, wide backed, flat backed, with large shoulders. I had been through countless saddles and girths, before I finally found your website. All that changed as soon as I received your girth and tried it on my horse. Not only did it keep the saddle in place, stop it from moving forward, and the little bit it moved side to side, BUT Finn loves it! How could I tell? Previously, when I went to tack him, he would get all antsy, moving around, avoiding me even trying to set a saddle on his back. On that very first ride, he was like, Oh, that thing doesn't hurt me. He was forward, more forward than he had ever been. Now after only six rides in his new girth, he no longer tries to avoid the saddle. I am so thankful, that I took the chance and ordered one of your girths.

In fact, I love it so much, I posted a comment on my Facebook page, not only to my friends, but to the public. Yesterday, i was on another FB page, and someone was experiencing the same problems I was having with Finn. I wrote a long paragraph, about Total Saddle Fit, and your wonderful products. I explained my success, and again, advised all who read the thread to go to your web site for more info. I purchased the brown 22" girth, and on down the road, when the pocketbook dictates, I WILL purchase another, in black, for when I start to show Finn. I love the quality of the leather, the design and how easily its cleaned with just a damp cloth. So, TTF folks, thanks so much for making such a wonderful product! Oh, and your customer service on the phone was excellent! The poor guy that kept getting my calls and answering all my questions really had his work cut out for him! He was always kind, pleasant and helpful!"
Cher - Saluda, SC
"I've been trying to leave a five-star of the shoulder relief cinch, but I'm unable to get it submitted. My review is as follows: 'I've been waiting this summer for the cinch to come out, and ordered one as soon as possible. I used the dressage girth and it has worked great; the western cinch was no different! Does a great job of holding the saddle in the correct spot and keeping it off of my horse's shoulder. I would definitely recommend both products!'
Thank you for making such a quality product!"
Seanna - Hardin, MT
"I ordered one of your girths about a month ago.  Not sure I would have ordered absent your "satisfaction guarantee."  Girth is great and I am very pleased with it!"
Lynn - Malvern, PA
"We love, love, love the girth!  The 54 works perfectly for our horse.  The saddle stays in place and the horse seems much more comfortable and free to move out.
Thank you for your help and I will be recommending your girth to our horsey friends!
Quote me!  
After the hellish nightmare we've been through to help my daughter's ottb be comfortable in both saddle fit and proper girth position , your girth has been a huge relief to horse and rider!  
Thanks again!"
Nancy - Lexington, SC

"I got my girth and tried it on my horse yesterday. I cried...tears of angst that my horse had had to endure a saddle sitting on his shoulders for so long, and tears of joy that I could make him more comfortable until I am able to find a better suited saddle. He will not be easy to fit-massive shoulders, wide back, and extremely short backed. The change in his movement was stunning. Not only did the girth move the saddle three inches back from where it normally sat with every other girth I’d tired, but it completely stopped the rolling. Thank you for this wonderful product."

Stacy - New Mexico

"My ap total saddle fit girth is a beauty. The leather is gorgeous and the overall girth is very well made. i bought this girth as I had a saddle fitter fit a saddle to my horse in the correct position. However, my old girth was pulling the saddle out of position. Basically turning my perfectly fitting saddle into a poorly fitting saddle. The total saddle fit girth keeps the saddle in the correct position."

Cheryl - North Gower, Ontario

"I wanted to tell you that I had bought a girth for one of my horses and was quite impressed with it. I was using a relief girth but it did not work like this one. When I used to girth him he would turn to try to bite at the girth. When I girthed him with the shoulder relief girth he was very quiet and never tried to turn to bite at it. Riding him in it he was free in the shoulder and could do laterals so much easier as well as moving forward and bringing his back up. I tried it on my other horse who has some back issues and very large gaits. His saddle would always move up onto his shoulder. The saddle stayed in place and freed up his back and also made it easier for him to do lateral movements. I just ordered another one for him."

Pamela - Prescott, AZ

"My saddle fitter showed up to do the final fit… she also had a four hundred dollar girth which had the same angles as your did.  I liked your girth better as it is thinner and not as wide and works for a lot less!  ...Thank you thank you for making a  good product at a reasonable cost."
Pam - Angelica, NY
"My name is Katie. I'm a dressage trainer and USDF Bronze Medalist based in Westminster, Md.  One of my clients bought your dressage girth for a horse in training and we absolutely love it. I have since recommended the girth to my clients and now have several horses going in them. It has made a huge difference! We also tried your wither freedom dressage pad and the horses love it! I am very pleased with the quality of your products as well." 
Katie - Westminster, MD
"Love the new girth from you guys! Makes a huge difference! Moving forward with such ease!"
Lori - Laguna Beach, CA
"Hi there, such a big fan of my new dressage girth that my friend bought one (I even gave her my coupon!) and I've now lent my girth to another friend to check for sizing.
I'm in the market for a long girth, and also promised my other friend that I would keep an eye out for any promotions (on your already reasonably priced girths!)"
Ros - Canada
"Hi. I recently ordered at brown dressage girth from you. I would just like to say that this has totally revolutionised my horse’s way of going."
Natasha - Shropshire, UK
"Just wanted to let you know your dressage 6 point saddle pad gets 5 of 5 stars from me.  I ended up putting all six shims in and it lifted my saddle enough to give him more shoulder clearance.  Plus its made SO well.  Love the velcro.
My horse loves it too.  He actually licks his lips when I put it on him.  I was checking my saddle fit the other day with no pad and he became very nervous when I did not put his plush pad on him.  He's very opinionated."
Nancy - Tomball, TX
"Thank you so much for processing my order right away and the little surprise of the hat was awesome! I LOVE it! It all arrived on time and more importantly the 40" girth with the cover works great. We had a fantastic ride on Saturday. I'm not sure if it's the new Spring grass in his field or the new girths but my guy is like smooth rocket wanting to move out and stay on a running walk if he has his choice. His canters are amazing also with these girths. If I get around to it, I'll get someone to snap a photo next time we are out and post it to your FB page. 
Thanks again, it is sincerely a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to send you more customers from our Virginia Gaited Horse community."
Sue - Winchester, VA

"Thank you! 

I'm so glad I invested in your product line. 
Will share with many others!"
Bonnie & Patterson (my pony!) - Bowling Green, KY

"Thank you. Received short girth and fleece cover today.

Very impressed with how quickly order was shipped and delivered to us in Ontario,Canada. Also appreciated the extra info on using your products as well as saddle fit in general.
While we wait for an appointment with the saddle fitter, we decided to try your girth on a horse that seemed to be having problems with his saddle restricting his shoulder.  Both the rider and myself noticed an instant improvement in the horse's demeanour and movement.
Thanks for a quality product and prompt service."
Janet - Ontario, Canada
"Just rode in the new pad and girth!!!! So happy with the results that I will be purchasing another pad!! Amazing to both myself and my Friesian Sporthorse how much freedom of movement that he has regained. And the improvement of my position in the saddle... You have a big fan.  I am a fan of your product!!!"
Irene - Twinsburg, OH