Our Story


“Total Saddle Fit – that one time I started a business by accident (insert mild sarcasm).”

Originally working as a professional saddle fitter, Total Saddle Fit came into existence because I needed to solve a problem that kept plaguing me: saddles sliding forward into horses’ shoulders. And it became a real problem, not only because it hurt the horse, but also because I was getting phone calls that went something like “Justin, I just got my saddle back and it still doesn’t fit… same problem sliding forward as before.” Not what you want to hear just after investing 4 hours into reflocking a saddle…

The big catch was that after rechecking the saddle fit, everything would be fitting just like it should! After seeing this happen way too many times and hitting my head against a wall a similar number of times, I started to realize we had a physics problem that all the wool flocking in the world couldn’t solve. The billets and girth were angling forward and pulling the saddle into the horse’s shoulder. That sent me on a mission of solving this conundrum. Many iterations later, a “physics-reversing saddle fitting girth” was born. We decided to spare you the tongue twister and just named it the Shoulder Relief Girth. It has been an incredible ride ever since.

Justin Baghai


Our Story in a Timeline


Al Gore invents the Internet

Thanks buddy!


My 4th grade teacher tells me there’s something called the Internet.


Saddle Fitter with Problems

I am a saddle-fitter with a recurring problem of client saddles sliding forward into horses’ shoulders


Working toward a solution

I take this problem into my own hands and design a girth that straightens out a saddle’s billet line and prevents it from being pulled forward into the shoulders. My selfish girth concept gets a hugely positive response from nearly everyone that uses it.


Total Saddle Fit is born

Total Saddle Fit is born with the intention of using technology and outside of the box thinking to create equine products to solve real problems. The Shoulder Relief Girth is our first offering. And our website is the only place on the Internet to buy it.


Internet shows us love

EventingNation.com blogger Visionaire links to totalsaddlefit.com in a post that gets thousands of views. Sales increase and Total Saddle Fit continues growing.

Flocking Adjustment in a Saddle Pad

We design a saddle pad to replicate a flocking adjustment, so people without the availability or means to get regular saddle work can keep their horse and their seat balance in safe equilibrium. This is the birth of the Six Point Saddle Pad.

Used at the highest level

Top riders with the likes of Tamra Smith and Lauren Kiefer begin to use and endorse our products in competitions like Rolex Kentucky, PanAm Games and the Rio Olympics.


We go Western

After lots and lots of requests and lots and lots of experimentation, the Western Shoulder Relief Cinch is born. Within 2 months the response is enormous… Maybe we should have started with a Western girth 😉

Tack store distribution keeps growing

Dover Saddlery calls and wants to carry Total Saddle Fit products.


I turn 30

…and begin acting like a child in a feeble attempt to cling on to my 20’s. Example: I sign up for Snapchat, because making movies that are deleted immediately makes sense?


We continue to push into the future, ignoring fads and antiquated industry standards, developing products that solve real problems in really effective fashion. Much more to come. Now go be awesome!